Selling your Home 

When looking to sell your home there are questions that you need to ask a realtor and yourself to ensure that you home will be sold quickly and at the best price possible for your neighborhood.

The most obvious question that you should ask yourself is how do I find the best real estate agent to list my home for sale? The answer to this question can only be found by asking a few more questions.

It may help to give an overview of the home selling process. 

1) Your home must be prepared for sale. Will your agent assist you in making sure the home is prepared to appeal to the largest amount of people looking to purchase a home. 

2) What is my home worth otherwise known as the home evaluation that will establish a fair listing price that will allow your home to sell in a timely manner.

3) How will the home be marketed for sale? Do they have knowledge of the area? 

4) Finally the most important to you is to negotiate the commission rate and the experience the realtor has to ensure a smooth transaction once you start receiving offers to buy the home.

Questions to ask to help you choose your listing agent

When you contact a realtor they will typically arrange to meet with you in your home that will be for sale to view the condition of the property. Typically if the agent is experienced they will answer most if not all of your questions, however, here are some of the best questions to ask when interviewing a listing agent

1) How long have you been a Realtor and how many homes have you sold in the last 12 months?

2) In what price range do you sell most of your homes?

3) Is there a difference in marketing based upon the valuation of my home and if so what are the differences? How many websites will include information on my home? Home many open houses will you perform? How will you look to bring in potential home buyers?

4) Do you provide advice on how to improve to help it sell? Do you work with a home stager or have reliable contractors that can help me prepare my home for sale?

5) What do you think this home will sell for? This is important to get a good idea of what your home is worth. Please avoid the agent that values the home too cheaply or much higher than other agents

6) How do you come up with the price my home will sell for? Here you are looking for a realtor that can show insight into the neighborhood and shows that they truly care for you and understand the current real estate market.

7) How will be be in communication with one another. Can I call you? email you? How do I get informed about potential buyers that are interested in my home.

8) What commission will you charge me and why do you think you are worth that much? Please keep in mind that commision not only goes to the selling agent, but is enticement for the buyers agent as well.

Information and Reports when considering listing your home for sale

How much is my home worth? This is the next step to help determine the value of your home based on the city, neighborhood and condition of your home.

Staging your home to sell How we can stage your home to create a great first impression and not turn off potential buyers

What is that smell? If the home smells like wet dog it will be harder to sell.

Pro and Cons of selling your own home For Sale By Owner FSBO is not for the faint of heart. What to consider before selling a home by yourself

Foreclosure Risk If you are at risk of having your home foreclosed Henry be of useful help to keep your home, short sell it and avoid foreclosure

What is a Home Inspection It is important to know what might need to be fixed and or disclosed before your home can sell

Relocating to your next home Let Henry Barcena help you find your next home in Ventura, Camarillo or Oxnard.